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Below are some of my favorite links to sales pages, website templates, and other fun things.


I do not link to anything that I have not used myself and love! Some of these are affiliate links and I may earn commission on them. I appreciate you supporting me and my business by using these links!



If you haven't guessed it yet, Kajabi is my go-to platform to host your website, course, email marketing, and more. I love how everything can be done together.


If you haven't sign up for Kajabi yet, click here for a 30 day free trial. There's so much you can do inside of Kajabi, so obviously I'm a fan. Sign up through my link for a free strategy session with me!

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Content Snare

Check out Content Snare to collect client project information. It's definitely a step up from Google Drive! I love how I can collect all kinds of data, 

Here's how to get 50% off Content Snare for 3 months

  • Register for a trial of Content Snare
  • Click your Avatar at the top right (next to the "Add New" button)
  • Click Upgrade & Choose your plan
  • Click Apply coupon and enter ASU85Z2WV8EO for monthly and ASU85Z2WV8EO-A for annual
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Penny in Your Pocket

Penny. has some awesome sales page and website templates. Jenna Sales page is one of my favorites. Check it out and see! 

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Meg Burrage Templates

Meg has some great complete website templates that I love, as well as great trainings! Download a free homepage design too!

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Anytime Mailbox

Need a legal address for your billing and email? Anytime Address is a great affordable option.

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The Legal Paige

This is where I've gotten my privacy policy and contracts. It's a great resource for any business owners.

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Countdown Hero

This is an affordable way to add some sense of urgency to your offer on a thank you page! It's only a one time payment which makes it really manageable.

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Quiz Funnel - Try Interact

Interact is my quiz builder of choice. I use it for my own quiz and embed it on Kajabi. It's easy to use and integrate with Kajabi! No need for Zapier to make them work together. You can connect separate landing pages to your results.

If you're looking for a new lead magnet, this might be the way to go! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Jiffy Courses Online


Jiffy Courses online is known for their Gamify themes for courses. These are a really fun option to help incentivize students to finish modules with badges, certificates, and special hidden features. They just teamed up with Penny in your Pocket and created GamiFlix, which is a fun Gamification meets Netflix style theme!

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The Template Tribe

Get all of your templates for social media graphics with new ones added monthly here.

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Check out Honeybook for your CRM needs here. Get 50% off your first year at this link!

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if you're needing great stock images for your business Eleave has beautiful images and b-roll video.

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Hot Jar

Hotjar is a tool that shows website owners how users behave by using heatmaps, recordings, and surveys. It helps businesses see what works well on their site, find areas to improve, and make better decisions to boost user satisfaction and conversions. With Hotjar, businesses can understand their audience better and make their website more effective.


Hotjar has a free and paid version, so try it out risk free today.

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Cookie Script


Cookie Script is a user-friendly tool designed to assist website owners in complying with privacy regulations. It simplifies the process of implementing cookie consent banners and ensuring GDPR compliance, helping businesses protect user privacy effortlessly.


With Cookie Script, website owners can seamlessly manage cookies and enhance transparency while maintaining legal compliance. Cookie Script has a free and a paid version!

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Common Ninja


Common Ninja goes well with Kajabi. These fun widgets are something extra for your website. 


If you want to add a glossary, google reviews, testimonials, and more, they can be helpful to upgrade your website. You can get one for free, or get a low-cost monthly widget for $2 or $3.

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