Reflecting on 2023: Balancing Life, Work, and a Dash of Chaos

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reflecting on 2023

It’s hard to believe the whirlwind that was 2023 is coming to a close. It involved taking care of two kids, diving deep into the Kajabi world, and a fair share of sleepless nights turned into reading opportunities. Let's break it down—the good, the not-so-good, and a sneak peek into what I hope 2024 has in store.


Personal Triumphs: Parenting Adventures


Surviving our first full year with two girls? We did it. It was chaotic but heartwarming, and I owe a big shoutout to my husband, Nate, for the teamwork needed to take care of everything with two kids. I really don’t know how people do it with more. Juggling kids, jobs, and everything in between—it's been a wild year, especially mornings between 6-9 am. Even though it was nuts, watching these two girls turn into little friends has been the highlight of my year.


Professional Milestones: Navigating the Kajabi Wave


In the business corner, 2023 was my year to really dive into Kajabi. I joined the Heart-Centered Apprentice program in January of 2023 and hit the ground running. If I do say so myself, I tackled the technical and business trainings in less than 12 weeks. Now, I'm proudly part of the HCA directory, a part of a community that is so supportive and one I love being a part of. I worked with clients in 13 states (South Carolina and California being the two most popular) and in every time zone in the US. It’s been so fun to meet people from all over this year!

I also hit a new revenue milestone, which I wasn't expecting while juggling two kids at home full-time. I had to make some investments in my business, but those have paid off. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself! 


Personal Challenges: For my fellow Insomniacs


Let's keep it real; 2023 had its share of bumps. A switch in anxiety meds sent my long-standing anxiety and insomnia in a tailspin. Fall was a little rough with this bump in the road. I took the time to really study sleep (I recommend The Sleep Fix) and get a handle on my sleep hygiene. Yes, it’s a thing! Those sleepless nights turned into quality time with books, and I managed to read over 35 of them with the help of my Kindle. Another winner of 2023. Who knew insomnia could have a bright side?

Sure, I wish I could ditch the anxiety meds, but I know myself enough to know what I need to be a good wife, mother, business-owner, and self right now. Being more self-aware of my needs was something I worked on this year as well to help myself from getting to burnout level.  Failing to take care of myself isn't good for ANYONE around me.


Professional Challenges: Kajabi and Napping Babies


Imagine this: Kajabi training sessions listened to on AirPods, cradling a napping baby. I practically became the multitasking champion. Worried about finding time? Turns out, you make time for what matters, and I did that with the help of my iPad and phone chargers, a heating pad, sound machine, and a comfy reclining chair. No wonder my one year old won’t let me put her down now!

Yep, juggling Kajabi and babies was a thing, sometimes even with a computer on my lap in the dark while holding her. It is possible!


Looking Forward to 2024: Health Goals, Business Dreams, and more


In 2024, it's all about health goals to feel more energetic and like myself. Sometimes I feel perpetually tired, and I know it’s something I can work on. Instead of focusing on the scale for 2024, I’m focusing on how I feel. 

Our home gym is something Nate and I love about our space. We love our Peloton bike and I’ve found that strength training leaves me both proud and exhausted. I hope in 2024 I can continue to hit some PRs this way. I want to feel my best this year, and getting my eating and moving in the right place is the key. I’m happy to have finally found a type of movement I like and that isn’t so much of a chore. I also know I have to get it in first thing in the morning or it doesn’t happen!

We are also planning on doing more travel in 2024. Nate and I are going to get away alone for our 5 year wedding anniversary this spring (already counting down to that trip) and a few extra trips to Florida sprinkled in there. We are also hoping to be able to visit some friends through road trips in 2024. Let us know if you want 4 visitors!

In 2024, it's not just about clients and sales funnels. It's about me, my business, and a new quiz lead magnet in the works to help Kajabi heroes get to the next step in their businesses. I also hope to do more collaborations with other business owners in 2024. It can be scary putting myself out there professionally, but I know this will help me grow!


What's ahead in 2024


As we wrap up this rollercoaster ride called 2023, I can't help but feel like I’m playing wack-a-mole with the house stuff, work, parenting, and trying (and sometimes failing) to do it all, but at least I tried. 

I’m hoping to use this blog post as a review when 2024 comes to a close. I’d love to hear about your year in review, too!

Here's to 2024—more laughs, more challenges, and more chances to just go with the flow.


Life's definitely an adventure with two kids and your own business, and I'm here for it. Buckle up, because 2024 is here!

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